05.02.2016 18:00

Team KATUSHA statement on Eduard Vorganov

Team KATUSHA notes that the UCI has started a proceeding against Eduard Vorganov for a violation of the UCI anti-doping rules

We understand that the adverse analytical finding concerns the substance Meldonium (also known as Mildronate) which was placed on the prohibited list only on 1 Jan 2016. Team KATUSHA confirms that this substance has never been used by the Team in any form and was not provided to the rider by the team.

In accordance with Team KATUSHA's zero tolerance policy, Eduard Vorganov has been suspended from all team activities, effective immediately. In the event that Eduard Vorganov took this product on his own initiative, Team KATUSHA will conduct an investigation as such conduct is in breach of the Team’s strict medical and anti-doping internal rules.*

With that said, Eduard Vorganov awaits the results of his B sample, and Team KATUSHA respects and will adhere to the process of the anti-doping authorities and will not comment further at this time.

Team KATUSHA would like to emphasize that it takes all possible measures in order to avoid anti-doping rule violations within its team and is fully committed to fight doping. Team KATUSHA is obviously extremely disappointed that a situation like this could occur despite these measures.


*No medicine, medical substance and/or natural, nutritional or homeopathic (or equivalent) supplement may be purchased, kept, advised or taken by any Team Member, and no treatment can be carried out other than directed by the Team Doctors, unless otherwise approved by the Head Doctor. (art. 10.B.1, 2016 Team Manual)

Any medicine purchased should be compulsory attested by a regular medical prescription written on the headed paper of the doctor who has prescribed the relevant medication. (art. 10.B.2, 2016 Team Manual)